Hi! I'm Violet.

I'm currently seeking a Graphic or Creative Designer position where I can apply my multi-disciplinary background, challenge myself, and always keep learning. I'm open to remote roles, or roles in the Bay Area.

Most recently, I was a Creative Designer at Core Digital Media, where I made winning display and video ads, designed and built out emails, and created landing pages for a number of clients. I loved getting to work within a wide variety of branded styles and help shape the visual identity of CDM's clients. In my time there, I helped to streamline the design process and improve interdepartmental communication by developing creative request templates and training documents, which is something I've enjoyed doing at a number of past jobs. While at CDM, I won two peer recognition quarterly awards, and was nominated for one of their annual Rock Honors Awards. I love teaching, I'm passionate about practicing kind and clear communication, and I jump at any opportunity to share knowledge with my fellow creatives!

My favorite parts of the design process are experimentation, brainstorming, and troubleshooting. I love to try new things, learn new skills, and dig into the details of my work, and I find giving and receiving thorough and compassionate critique and feedback invaluable!

In addition to graphic and web design, video and audio editing, motion graphics, frame animation, and branding work, I develop indie games in my spare time using programs like Unity, Processing, Twine, Bitsy, Ren'Py, and Pico-8. One of the most interesting elements of game development to me is playtesting, where I can get an intimate understanding of how players move through the worlds and stories I've created - much like the process of taking into account user experience in design work!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio! If you have any questions or would be interested in working with me, please send me an email!


"You are missing out on winning creative opportunities if you don't have Violet on your creative team. Violet contributed numerous creative wins that drove volume and lead inquiries for our online display and social media campaigns. Her creative design also reduced CPI to help increase revenue. She also collaborated with senior performance marketers in writing onboarding and training guide for new marketing managers. Her skills in coding and design helped raise the quality of the email marketing creative. She also trained designers on how to solve HTML email and CSS mysteries that we struggled with at work. Violet knows design and coding software needed to support your projects. She'll learn what's needed fast if there is something new your team needs to use. Here at CDM Violet assisted designers in learning Instapage features and how to use scripting for animation in HTML5 and CSS for RevJet and Google campaigns. She also engaged with our culture and people team to contribute to our volunteer and wellness programs. All that plus keeping up on her workload and delivering high quality. We are lucky to know Violet. When you have her on your team, you'll say 'where have you been?' You'll be lucky too."

- Ray Hofstedt, Senior Manager of Creative Design at Core Digital Media

"I had the pleasure of working with Violet at Core Digital Media. Violet is an absolute asset, and any company would be lucky to have her. Violet generated the highest percentage of winning social, native and display ads, was the top requested Designer on the team, and was an excellent problem solver. When the Marketing Team needed responsive emails, Violet quickly took it upon herself to research the best ways to code emails, built email templates, and trained the other Designers. If you're looking for a team member that produces thoughtful, high-quality work, and is a wonderful person at heart, I highly recommend Violet."

- Heather Woo, Director of Consumer Intelligence & Engagement at Core Digital Media

"Over the years I had the pleasure to work with Violet, I cannot emphasize enough on how passionate, creative, and collaborative she was! Violet always provided a safe space in which team members could go to her with ideas and she would know exactly how to execute those creative designs. She helped me and my team discover different creative avenues and ideas to enhance our performance marketing, all while being efficient and helping reach deadlines. Violet always went the extra mile to help make her designs and marketing ads top notch, which drove many wins for the marketing department. She also demonstrated excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills as she navigated complex problems in a creative and authentic manner. Violet is a genuinely kind person that goes above and beyond on a regular basis. She is passionate, thoughtful, and fun to work with. I truly enjoyed working with Violet in her time at Core Digital Media, and she would be a terrific asset to have on the team. I wish her the very best for all her future endeavors."

- Heidi Monforte, Associate Manager of Performance Marketing at Core Digital Media

"Violet is one of those rare gems that is a mosaic fit anywhere and can do anything. She continuously exhibits the desire to learn new tools and apply her new (insights) findings to solutions. Her talent and innovation did not go unnoticed on our team. I had the pleasure to work with Violet on many projects as a campaign manager and creative strategist. Violet sparks ideas into life, her creative collaboration style and flexibility to apply unique creative styles has resulted in highly profitable creative wins. Violet is a major asset to whatever team she is part of. It was an absolute pleasure working with her at CDM."

- Luz Escobar-Sigman, Associate Manager of Campaign Management at Core Digital Media

"Violet is one of the most caring, compassionate, and consistent coworkers I’ve had. I am grateful to have been able to work with her at KDVS, and she always brought a creative flair and easygoing energy to our bustling station. She made me laugh every day we worked together, and she contributed heftily to making KDVS a workplace I wanted to be in."

- Jasper Lounds, Programming Director at KDVS